Monthly Archives: December 2010

His Wing’s Shadow

On the shadow of Your wings, where no sun or rain will blind where Thy loving-kindness waits to fill hearts with peace of mind. On the shadow of Your wings, where no storm or wind will meet where Thy grace inspires calm to give the weary heart retreat. On the shadow of Your wings, where no fear or doubt will… (more…)

The Lyrics of My Heart ~

With what words shall I compose, the lyrics of my heart? I hear them in my mind, yet, I’m not sure where to start. Shall I arrange them in perfect order, from the time when we first met? Or open with the refrain of the day, You took upon Yourself my debt? Shall I begin with my appreciation, with the… (more…)

God, I Give You All the Glory ~

How shall I show my appreciation, for all You have done for me? Should I kneel in this space of time, unmoving on bended knee? Shall I lift my arms to the heavens, never to let them fall to my side? Should I raise my hands up even higher,  and never allow them to subside? Shall I shout from my… (more…)