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#throwbackpoem: While I Wait And See

to GOD be the GLORY ~ While I Wait and See~ By Deborah Ann I do a lot of waiting,while God is contemplatingthe answers to my prayerswhile going through my cares. I do a lot of sitting,while God begins siftingthe replies He has for mein this seat of wait and see. I do a lot of hoping,while God starts His probinginto… (more…)

Faith’s Check Book ~ C.H. Spurgeon 6.27.20

Saturday, June 27, 2020 Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry C. H. Spurgeon Thank Him; Dwell Acceptably “Surely the righteous shall give thanks unto thy name: the upright shall dwell in thy presence.” ~ Psalm 140:13 ~ Oh, that my heart may be upright, that I may always be able to bless the name of the Lord! He is so good… (more…)

Today’s Poem: What Will I Lose

to GOD be the GLORY ~ What Will I Lose ~ By Deborah Ann I asked the Lord,what will be my lossif I daily . . .picked up my cross. He said to me,here’s what it requiresbut first you must dieto all selfish-desires. All your dreams,ideas and plansmust be placed nowinto My hands. Then you will need,to follow Meso I can… (more…)

Today’s Bible Verse 06.27.20

Matthew 16:25 For whosoever will save his lifeshall lose it: and whosoever willlose his life for my sake shall find it. King James Version by Public Domain

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 06.27.20

Saturday, June 27, 2020 This Morning’s Meditation C. H. Spurgeon “Only ye shall not go very far away.” ~ Exodus 8:28 ~ This is a crafty word from the lip of the arch-tyrant Pharaoh. If the poor bondaged Israelites must needs go out of Egypt, then he bargains with them that it shall not be very far away; not too… (more…)

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