Love Impressed ~

Love Impressed ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborahann ~ 
Oh, Lord my Savior,
 I feel so blessed
 for Your love on my soul
 has been impressed.
You stamped Your Word,
 into my heart
 now all of my days
 You help me to chart.
Engraved into my spirit,
 now are Your ways
 leaving me, for You
 a new path to blaze.
You sealed Your grace,
 into my very being
 so I could have hope
 liberating and freeing.
Oh, Lord My Savior,
 keeping impressing in me
 Your Spirit’s image . . .
 until You’re all I see!
 2 Timothy 1:13-14

“ Hold fast the form of sound words,
  which thou hast heard of me, in faith
  and love which is in Christ Jesus.
That good thing which was committed
  unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost
  which dwelleth in us.”
King James Version
 by Public Domain
Copyright 2015
 Deborah Ann Belka


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