Free At Last ~

he-set-the-captives-free CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann
He sets the captive free,
 from evil spirits within
 releases the binds of guilt
 the shame of our sin.
He loosens the chains,
 on wickedness and hate
 unshackles our burdens
 eases the heavy weight.
He heals the backslidden,
 His love is our freedom
 the yoke of oppression
 no longer the inner demon.
He scours out darkness,
 in His light, there is power
 with grace and mercy
 our lives, He empowers.
No longer are we slaves,
 to man and his laws
 now we come before God
 with holy fear and awe.
Oh, what a privilege,
 no longer are we bound
 free indeed at last . . .
 our liberty in Jesus found!
John 8:32
  King James Version
“And ye shall know the truth,
  and the truth shall make you free.”
Copyright 2014
 Deborah Ann Belka

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