Nana, Why Can’t We See Angels?

"Nana, why can't we see angels?"
 My grandson one day asked me.
 "Why if they are here with us . . .
 their wings we cannot see?"
I took him by the hand,
 and we walked my garden path
 and the innocence of his question
 gave my heart a happy, little laugh.
I knew I had to give an answer,
 that his tender heart could hold
 for God gave me my own angel
 so his soul ~ I could help to mold.
"Although you can't see angels,
 they're right here in front of you
 and no matter where you go
 they surround you in all you do.
They rush to your side,
 when you need a friend and helper
 and when you get into trouble
 they become for you, God's shelter.
They wrap their arms around you,
 when you go to bed each night
 they keep your heart close to Jesus
 until you see the morning light.
They are given to you by God,
 to keep you safe and warm
 and it is their duty and obligation
 to keep you from Satan's harm.
All you have to do is to believe,
 that angels are for real . . .
 and if you always trust in God
 in your heart, their wings you will feel."

Psalm 91:11
 King James Version
" For he shall give his angels charge over thee,
  to keep thee in all thy ways."
Copyright 2012
 Deborah Ann Belka

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