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Today’s Poem: Holy Spirit Walking

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Holy Spirit Walking ~ By Deborah Ann Today I’m walking,with The Holy Spirittoday the roadwe are both going to hit. I’ll be trusting Him,for the right directionsI’ll follow His leadwithout any objections. We’ll travel together,without Him I won’t gofor the righteous wayI know He knows. I’ll be looking for Him,to steer my desiresinto all that… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Today Is Your Day Lord

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Today Is Your Day Lord ~ By Deborah Ann Today is Your day Lord,I give it to Youto do in my lifewhat only You can do. I give You my mind,to mold and to formso You can keep itfrom turning lukewarm. I give You my heart,to shape and contourso You can removeall that is impure.… (more…)

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