Today’s Poem: Life Is Like A Journey

to GOD be the GLORY

~ Life Is Like A Journey ~

By Deborah Ann

Life is like a journey,
into a vast wilderness
so often we get lost
due to our own willfulness.

But when we let God,
guide us with His Light
our pride and ego
we can wisely fight.

Life is like a journey,
into a dark abyss
so often we get stuck
and the mark we miss.

But when we trust God,
as our strength and shield
to sin and temptation
we won’t want to yield.

Life is like a journey,
into a wasteland sprawling
but we who know God . . .
into living water keep drawing!


Isaiah 58:11

And the Lord shall guide thee continually,
and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make
fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a
watered garden, and like a spring of water,
whose waters fail not.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2020
Deborah Ann Belka

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