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Is Christianity Dead?

Is Christianity Dead? You decide. A while ago our president stated that we were no longer a Christian nation. [poll id=”9″] Hits: 35 Thank You For Visiting 1,116

His Saving Light ~

  I fight not against the bait, that is placed upon the hook but rather by Satan, who wants to keep me out of life’s book. I wrestle not against the helm, that fights the winds at sea but rather by the gusts of sin that takes me far from Thee. I struggle not against the will, that is battled… (more…)

End Times Poll

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Seperation Of Church and State

  The following information is from the ADF.  The ADF is a group of lawyers who are going up against the ACLU and other groups who want to do away with our religious freedoms. Hits: 42 Thank You For Visiting 1,263

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