Daily Archives: February 18, 2012

Heaven Bound ~

Loved completely, that’s what we are no matter how near no matter how far. Comforted forever, that’s what we hold no matter young no matter how old. Blessed assurance, that’s what we own no matter how new no matter how grown. Forgiven eternally, that’s what we hope in no matter our works, no matter our sin. Heaven bound, that’s where… (more…)

Give Me Faith ~

Give me faith unwavering, so I may stand steadfast give me strength astounding so rough seas I may outlast. Give me faith unshakable, so I may walk faithfully give me hope unfaltering so I may tread gracefully. Give me faith undoubting, so I may be committed give me power unflinching so my sins may be acquitted. Give me faith unending,… (more…)

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