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Evening’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.04.21

Thursday, March 04, 2021 This Evening’s Meditation C. H. Spurgeon “They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Thy house.” ~ Psalm 36:8 ~ Sheba’s queen was amazed at the sumptuousness of Solomon’s table. She lost all heart when she saw the provision of a single day; and she marvelled equally at the company of servants who were feasted… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Taking Up My Cross

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Taking Up My Cross ~ By Deborah Ann First thing in the morning,before I get out of bedI take up my cross . . .so by Jesus I can be lead. For, when I pick it up,it gives me the graceto keep my arrogancein its rightful place. First thing in the morning,I disrobe myself of… (more…)

Faith’s Check Book ~ C.H. Spurgeon 03.04.21

Thursday, March 04, 2021 Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry C. H. Spurgeon Honor God “Them that honor me I will honor.” ~ 1 Samuel 2:30 ~ Do I make the honor of God the great object of my life and the rule of my conduct? If so, He will honor me. I may for a while receive no honor from… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Lord, Give My Faith A Backbone

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Lord, Give My Faith A Backbone ~ By Deborah Ann Lord, give my faith a backbone,robust, sturdy and stronggive my spirit the bravenessto last my whole life long. Lord, help me not to be,cowardly and spinelessso for You I can be . . .courageous and fearless. Lord, give my trust a framework,rugged, durable and resilientgive… (more…)

Today’s Bible Verse 03.04.21

Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee?Be strong and of a good courage;be not afraid, neither be thoudismayed: for the Lord thy God iswith thee whithersoever thou goest. King James Version by Public Domain Hits: 5 Thank You For Visiting 266

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.04.21

Thursday March 04, 2021 This Morning’s Meditation C. H. Spurgeon “My grace is sufficient for thee.”  ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9 ~ If none of God’s saints were poor and tried, we should not know half so well the consolations of divine grace. When we find the wanderer who has not where to lay his head, who yet can say, “Still… (more…)

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