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Evening’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 06.02.21

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 This Evening’s Meditation C. H. Spurgeon “Good Master.” ~ Matthew 19:16 ~ If the young man in the gospel used this title in speaking to our Lord, how much more fitly may I thus address Him! He is indeed my Master in both senses, a ruling Master and a teaching Master. I delight to run upon… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Purging and Pruning

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Purging and Pruning ~ By Deborah Ann He deletes,He rids, He clearsthose who haveno Godly fear. He prunes,He snips, He trimsso we who remaincan be more like Him. He purges,He cuts, He chopsso He can growa righteous crop. He tests,He exams, He triesto find those willingto self to die. He prunes,He snips, He paresso more… (more…)

Faith’s Check Book ~ C.H. Spurgeon 06.02.21

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry C. H. Spurgeon Immediate Freedom “For now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder.” ~ Nahum 1:13 ~ The Assyrian was allowed for a season to oppress the Lord’s people, but there came a time for his power to be broken. So, many… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Jesus Came Back

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Jesus Came Back ~ By Deborah Ann Jesus came back,as He said He wouldHe said He’d returnand there He stood. With eyes open wide,they watched in dismayfor only three days agoHe had gone away. Jesus appeared again,as if out of the bluetelling them I promisedI would come back to you. With mouths agape,they became afraidfor… (more…)

Today’s Bible Verse 06.02.21

Hebrews 9:28 So Christ was once offeredto bear the sins of many;and unto them that lookfor him shall he appear thesecond time without sinunto salvation. King James Version by Public Domain Hits: 7 Thank You For Visiting 102

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 06.02.21

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 This Morning’s Meditation C. H. Spurgeon “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.”. ~ Galatians 5:17 ~ In every believer’s heart there is a constant struggle between the old nature and the new. The old nature is very active, and loses no opportunity of plying all the weapons of its… (more…)

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