All Things Will Work Out ~

My Helper ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann ~Hearts not Troubled - IBible Verse
 All things for my good,
 will work out . . .
 a promise I will claim
 in it, I will not doubt.

I may not understand,
 how this could ever be
 with so many trials . . .
 right now surrounding me.

But, as God is busy doing,
 Jesus told me not to worry
 to stand steadfast and firm
 not to be in a big hurry.

For, what He is performing,
 is being tried just like gold
 so onto this assurance . . .
 in my heart, I will hold.

All things for my good,
 God is working out . . .
 the love I have for Him
 will dispel any doubt!


Romans 8:28

“And we know that all things
  work together for good
  to them that love God,
  to them who are the called
  according to his purpose.

King James Version
 by Public Domain

Copyright 2015
 Deborah Ann Belka

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