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Today’s Poem: Forgiveness Is Like An Eraser

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Forgiveness Is Like An Eraser ~ By Deborah Ann  Forgiveness is like an eraser,God wipes our sins awayonce we confess and repentfor them we don’t have to pay. For, the slate He rubs clean,of our every offensetis why He sent Jesus . . .to come to our defense. God doesn’t keep a notebook,filled up with… (more…)

Where There’s Forgiveness ~

Where there is forgiveness, there is relief ~ where there is forgiveness there is belief ~ For, when you forgive someone, God will set your heart free and from the pain and hurt He will heal your memory. Where there is forgiveness there is love ~ where there is forgiveness there is a God above ~ For, when you forgive… (more…)