The Reason for My Hope ~

peter-living-hope CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann
I believe in God,
 in all of His glorious creation
 I believe He made the heavens
 and the earth's foundation.
I believe that man,
 came from but dust
 I believe it's God's image
 He puts into all of us.
I believe that Satan,
 is the cause for our fallen state
 I believe it's still his lies
he uses on us to trap and bait.
I believe that man's heart,
 has always been cold and callous
 I believe it's full of deceit
 filled with ungodly malice.
I believe in Jesus,
 God's only begotten Son
 I believe He died and rose again
 for the sins of everyone.
I believe in redemption,
 from our wicked, evil ways
 I believe it's the blood of the Lamb
 that washes our sins away.
I believe in God's love,
 I believe in His grace
 I believe one day
 God's judgement all will face.
I believe in Heaven,
 I also believe in hell . . .
 I believe for eternity it's where
 the unsaved will dwell.
I believe in the hope,
 Jesus imparts in me
 I believe all can be saved
 if these truth they'd just see!
Peter 3:15
  King James Version
"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts:
  and be ready always to give an answer to
  every man that asketh you a reason of the hope
  that is in you with meekness and fear:"
Copyright 2014
 Deborah Ann Belka

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