God of My Comfort ~

My Comforter
Oh, God of my comfort,
lifter of my weary head . . .
thank You, for keeping me
in Your loving stead.
Oh, my Sun, my Shield,
protector of my heart . . .
thank You, for the strength
You daily impart.
Oh, my Retreat, my Refuge,
defender of my life . . .
thank You, for overcoming
all of my strife.
Oh, my Peace, my Rest,
healer of my thought . . .
thank You, for the calm
that for me You bought.
Oh, my Shepherd, my Rock,
keeper of my soul . . .
thank You, for making me
by Your stripes whole!
Psalm 119:76
“Let, I pray thee,
thy merciful kindness
be for my comfort,
according to thy word
unto thy servant.”
King James Version
by Public Domain

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