His Precious Sparrows ~

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As His precious sparrows,
 we’re helpless little things
 barely are we able
 to spread our tiny wings.

The wind and the rain,
 so often slows us down
 when stuck in a storm 
 it feels as if we'll drown.

In our flight, we try to find,
 a place to call a safe harbor
 where we can find comfort
 from the pains of our labor.

Cold and hungry we flutter,
 long into the stormy night
 in the darkness, we try to find
 His power to continue in our flight.

We so desperately need,
 to find the peace that we seek
 for our weary minds
 have made us frail and weak.

Into His light we soar,
 when our travels come to an end
 where with our Lord and Savior
 in eternity we will spend.

As His precious sparrows,
 we’re helpless little things
 but all through our journey . . .
 He’s been the strength in our wings.


Luke 12:7
  King James Version

“But even the very hairs
 of your head are all numbered.
  Fear not therefore: ye are
 of more value than many sparrows.”

Copyright 2013
 Deborah Ann Belka

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