Ask, Seek, Knock ~ Enter

Yes Lord I believe free photo
Ask believing Jesus loves you,
 seek and Him you will find
 knock and the door will open
 enter and don’t look behind.
Ask that Jesus will forgive you,
 seek and repent of your sin
 knock and He will free you
 enter and be cleansed within.
Ask trusting Jesus will answer,
 seek and listen to His voice
 knock and He will hear you
 enter and in Him rejoice.
Ask knowing Jesus is faithful,
 seek and believe He is the Son
 knock and He will be there
 enter and see what He’s done.
Ask showing you’re thankful,
 seek and Jesus you will see
 knock and He will bless you
and one day in heaven you’ll be.
Luke 11:9
  King James Version
“And I say unto you,
  Ask, and it shall be given you;
  seek, and ye shall find;
  knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
Copyright 2012
 Deborah Ann Belka

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