Wandering Wanderers

Wandering wanderers,

Roaming around.

Looking and searching

For what can’t be found.

Rootless and fruitless,

Wanderers they are.

Useless and careless,

In their travels afar.

Roving and drifting,

Wanders they be.

Looking and looking,

But they can’t see.

Nomadic problematic,

Wanders go off.

Leaving and parting,

Going off to scoff.

Wandering wanders,

God wants you home.

He wants your steps,

To no longer roam.

Return Returners,

Oh, thou to Me.

Come back and revisit,

My love for thee.

Arrive and survive,

Oh, thou my roving rover.

I will forgive your heart,

Over and over!

By Deborah Ann Belka

Copyright 2010

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