Seek First ~

Seek First ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

If you were to seek the Lord,
 with a heart that’s open wide
 you’ll find He is next to you
 and will never leave your side.

If you were to seek His face,
 in all the things you do
 you will find His strength
 living deep inside of you.

If you were to seek God first,
 no matter where you are
 you’ll find His love and mercy
 and He’ll bless you from afar.

If you were to seek the Lord,
 right here, right now, today
 you will find His eternal peace
 touching upon your day.

If you were to humbly seek,
 with all your heart and soul
 you will find He will heal you
 till you’re complete and whole.

If you seek the Lord your God,
 with a heart that is true
 you’ll find His joy and glory
 and all things will become new!


Matthew 6:33
  King James Version

“But seek ye first
 the kingdom of God,
  and his righteousness;
  and all these things
 shall be added unto you.”

Copyright 2013
 Deborah Ann Belka

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