Show Me Thy Ways ~

Show Me Thy Ways ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

Lord, show me Thy ways,
 reveal it to me
 lead my soul
 to where I should be.

Show me Thy light,
 be by my side
 the road is rough
 the path is wide.

Show me Thy ways,
 help me to know
 guide my life
 the way it should go.

Show me Thy truth,
 hold on to my hand
 the hills are too steep
 the mountains so grand.

Show me Thy ways,
 each day direct me
 the valleys are deep
 the path I can’t see.

Lord, show me Thy truth,
 teach me Thy ways
 let Thy light lead me
 for the rest of my days!


Psalm 32:8
  King James Version

“I will instruct thee and teach thee
  in the way which thou shalt go:
  I will guide thee with mine eye.”

Copyright 2013
 Deborah Ann Belka

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