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Today’s Poem: Don’t Be Discouraged

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Don’t Be Discouraged ~ By Deborah Ann Don’t be discouraged,though things are depressingrather into Jesus . . .keep deeper pressing. For in the midst of chaos,of upheaval and unrestJesus is the only one . . .who can bring you rest. Don’t be dragged down,by what you are seeingrather in God trust . . .with all… (more…)

Today’s Poem: God Hold The Stars

to GOD be the GLORY ~ God Holds The Stars ~ By Deborah Ann God holds the stars,right in their placesets the whole earthinto orbit’s race. He commands the sun,to up and shinethen tells it whenit needs to recline. He moves the clouds,seasons He formsHe controls the calmorders up the storms. He tells the moon,when it’s time to risethen orders it… (more…)

Peace of Mind ~

There is a place of calm, for all of us to find a place to just let go and have peace of mind. Mine is in God’s garden, amid His Word I do reap promises of green pastures the gathering of His sheep. As I walk along the path, I bow to smell a rose the scent of His undying… (more…)

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