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Quote of the Day ~

The Path of Grief Unknown ~

I walk the path of grief, in the valley of pain unknown but Jesus is here with me . . . so I don’t have to walk it alone. The path has its ups and down, the valley, its highs and lows but Jesus is here with me . . . in the midst of sorrow’s throes. The pathway of… (more…)

Quote of the Day ~

Beyond the Cross ~

Beyond the cross, is a glorious view for in Jesus’ death all things are new. New beginnings, fresh clean starts eternal hope to fill our hearts. Beyond the cross, the truth we find the love of God for all mankind. Light and love, fills in the dark exposes sin raw and stark. Beyond the cross, there are no fears no… (more…)

Because He First Loved Me ~

I lift my eyes ~ heavenward, till I envision in my mind . . . the glory that’s awaiting me the day with my Lord, I’ll be My heart swells up with joy, a chorus of praise begins for all my God, has done for me for all, when with Him, I’ll be. I feel the burning in my soul,… (more…)

True Contentment ~

You are my portion, O Lord, You are all that I need Your goodness fills me up when on your Word, I feed. The measure of Your grace, fills me to the brim for, when I study and read Your sufficiency sets in. With each verse that I tuck, deep down in my heart my joy becomes complete as eternal… (more…)

Let Grace Carry You ~

Let grace carry you, when you are weary let it bring you hope when you are teary. Let grace carry you, it’s arms are open wide let it be your light your everlasting guide. Let grace carry you, thru the storms of life let it bring you calm in the midst of strife. Let grace carry you, your burdens it’ll… (more…)

For God So Loved The World ~

For God so loves the world, that He gave to all His only Son who came to mend and heal the heart and soul of everyone. It doesn’t matter your race, or the color of your skin Jesus just wants to forgive you if you’d confess to Him your sin. You may be rich and happy, you may be poor… (more…)

Jesus Knows Your Pain ~

Jesus knows your pain, He understands your grief He knows that only His love can bring your heart relief. He recognizes your sorrow, He sees the spiteful sting and the grace He has for you in your life, He wants to bring. He’s aware of your rejection, He hears others put you down and His favor and His mercy will… (more…)

Abba ~ My Father ~

Abba ~ my Father, has adopted me . . . into His royal family so I could be . . . An heir to salvation, a daughter of light a child that brings to Him great delight. I’m no longer an orphan, I’m no longer a stray I’ve inherited a room in His mansion I’ll stay. Abba ~ my Father,… (more…)

Give Me Faith ~

Give me faith unwavering, so I may stand steadfast give me strength astounding so rough seas I may outlast. Give me faith unshakable, so I may walk faithfully give me hope unfaltering so I may tread gracefully. Give me faith undoubting, so I may be committed give me power unflinching so my sins may be acquitted. Give me faith unending,… (more…)

I Wait ~

I wait on Your name Lord, for I know that it is just I know that You’re someone I can lean on and to trust. I wait on Your name Lord, for I know that it is true I know that Your Word is what I need to cling to. I wait on Your name Lord, for I know that… (more…)

His Wing’s Shadow

On the shadow of Your wings, where no sun or rain will blind where Thy loving-kindness waits to fill hearts with peace of mind. On the shadow of Your wings, where no storm or wind will meet where Thy grace inspires calm to give the weary heart retreat. On the shadow of Your wings, where no fear or doubt will… (more…)

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