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#throwbackpoem: Where There Is Peace

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Where There is Peace ~ By Deborah Ann Where there is peace,there is thanksgivingwhere there is praisethere is holy living. Where there is calm,there is joyfulnesswhere there is trustthere is cheerfulness. Where there is tranquility,there is anticipationwhere there is hopethere is salvation. Where there is serenity,there is reliancewhere there is faiththere is guidance. Where there… (more…)

The Peace of God ~

His peace He has given you, His peace He leaves behind His peace is like nothing else you are ever going to find. His peace is reassuring, it is like a soothing balm His peace fills you with joy a sense of perpetual calm. His peace is like the ocean, as it ebbs upon the shore His peace is like… (more…)

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