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Rejoice, I Say Rejoice ~

Rejoice, I say rejoice, in everything have hope don’t just sit around lest you turn into a mope. See how content I am, see that look on my face that’s the look of patience for I’m resting in God’s grace. I know the importance, to pray about everything so I don’t worry about what tomorrow’s gonna bring. Rejoice, I say rejoice,… (more…)

Just A Glimpse ~

Lord, give me just a glimpse, of how heaven’s going to be let me peek into the room You have reserved for me. Let me see the streets, paved with forever peace let me gaze upon the path where grief, will finally cease. Lord, give me just a glimpse, into the land of no more fear let me glance into… (more…)

A Meeting in The Clouds ~

Lord, my Rock, my salvation I wait for You with anticipation. I know someday, You will appear come quickly Jesus my heart cheers. Lord, my Savior, my soul awaits for the day darkness abates. The Morning Star, will shine so bright the day I see salvation’s light. Lord, of my life, do not tarry come and make my heart merry.… (more…)

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