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#throwbackpoem: I’ve Got This Peace

to GOD be the GLORY ~ I’ve Got This Peace ~ By Deborah Ann I’ve got this peace,that I just don’t getbut, it is becomingfor me a new mind-set. There’s a calmness,it seems so surrealthere’s a tranquilitythat feels so unreal. There’s a quietness,filling up my heartthere’s a gentle hushin the fearful part. There’s a stillness,now inside of methere’s a restfulnessand it’s… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Be Our Peace Lord

to GOD be the GLORY May 16, 2018 ~ Be Our Peace Lord ~ By Deborah Ann Give us peace Lord,give us calm . . .be to our soulsa healing balm. Bless us with,Your serenityfill our heartswith tranquility. Give us peace Lord,give us stillnessflood our mindswith Your fullness. Bless us with,Your restfulnessgive us a spiritof gentleness. Be our peace Lord,perfect and… (more…)

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