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#throwbackpoem: Our Heart’s Desires

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Our Heart’s Desire ~ By Deborah Ann If we want God to give,the desires of our heartthen from His own heartwe cannot be far apart. For what may be in ours,might not be in His ownas ours wants and needsare often selfish prone. If we want God to grant,us our heart’s longingsthen after worldly thingswe… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Because I am Loved

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Because I am Loved ~ By Deborah Ann Because I am loved, I am humble . . . under my cares I don’t crumble. Because I am humble, I am set free from the devil I am able to flee. Because I am free, I am forgiven to holy living I am driven. Because I… (more…)

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