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Today’s Poem: Don’t Worry Trust

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Don’t Worry Trust ~ By Deborah Ann Don’t worry about tomorrow,give no thought to what lies aheadfor, Jesus wants you to trust Himnot to live in fear and dread. Don’t be concerned about the future,give no thought to where you’ll befor, Jesus wants you to go to Himnot to panic over what you can’t… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Hold On Tight

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Hold On Tight ~ By Deborah Ann Hold on tight,hang onto that rope . . .trust and believethere is always hope. For when you get to the end,there’s only one place to goso just pour out your heartlet your troubles God know. Hold on tight,don’t loose your grip . . .trust and believeand into… (more…)

Today’s Poem: A Thread of Faith

to GOD be the GLORY ~ A Thread of Faith ~ By Deborah Ann It only takes a thread of faith,to keep you from unravelingit only takes one strand of trustso God can do some refashioning. It only takes one single cord,to have patience in all thingsit only takes a fiber of hopeto see the strength God brings. It only… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Troubled Waters

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Troubled Waters ~ By Deborah Ann Troubled waters lie ahead,blinding wind and foambut my heart is set to sailright into my eternal home. Every crashing wave,tests my faith once morebut I will ride each one outtill I reach heaven’s shore. The swells rise and fall,causing me to be fearsomebut I will fight them offtill… (more…)

Today’s Poem: I’m Looking Up

to GOD be the GLORY ~ I’m Looking Up ~ By Deborah Ann I’m looking up,morning, noon and nightI’m keeping my eyes on Jesuslooking straight into His light. I’m not going to look within,I’ll just be disappointedI’m not going to look backI’ll just get all disjointed. I’m not looking around me,I’ll just be distractedI’m not going to look forwardI’ll just… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: A Heart For God

to GOD be the GLORY ~ A Heart For God ~ By Deborah Ann A heart that is peaceful,knows in God it can trustit knows believing thisis a daily must. A heart that is satisfied,knows God is always thereit knows it can give Himits every worry and care. A heart that is content,knows God is goodit knows He will dojust… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Good Morning Lord

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Good Morning Lord ~ By Deborah Ann Good morning Lord,it’s nice to start my dayseeking Your advicebefore I go my way. How are You Lord,are You sad just like mewith all the sufferingevery day that I see? Where would I be,if I didn’t trust in YouI think I would be lostnot knowing what to… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Eagle Wings

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Eagle Wings ~ By Deborah Ann His grace helps me to soar,over the storms life bringsI can climb above themas if I had eagle wings. No matter the burden,over my troubles I can riseclamber high above themjust as an eagle flies. His grace carries me,through the storms of lifelike an eagle I can soarup… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: The Stepping Stones of Faith

to GOD be the GLORY ~ The Stepping Stones of Faith ~ By Deborah Ann The stepping-stones of faith,we all need to get across . . .but, first we must believeJesus died for us on the cross. The steps following are easy,if on Jesus we keep our eyesfor, He will be our Teacher . . .the One who leads and… (more…)

Today’s Poem: The Anchor that Holds

to GOD be the GLORY ~ The Anchor that Holds ~ By Deborah Ann When the winds of adversity,throw you off course . . .there’s an anchor that holdsno matter its force. When the seas of calamity,toss you all about . . .there’s an anchor that holdstill the danger runs out. When the storms of life,catch you off guard .… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Why I Trust God

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Why I Trust God ~ By Deborah Ann I trust in God therefore ~ I am . . . BlessedJoyfulDeliveredPreservedSavedKeptHelpedSet FreeMade SafeCovered withHis Feathers I have . . . MercySalvationHopeStrengthA RockA FortressA High TowerA BucklerA ShieldA RefugeA New SongA set ofEagle Wings I shall . . . Not Be ForsakenNot Be CofoundedNot Be MovedNot… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Under His Wings

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Under His Wings ~ By Deborah Ann Under my Fathers’ wings,I’m shielded from every stormfor, He gathers me close to Himkeeps me safe and warm. My Father shelters me,from everything that harmsHe covers me with His featherswraps me in His loving arms. I have full protection,under the shadow of His wingsHe is the buckler of my hopeno… (more…)

Today’s Poem: My Cup Runneth Over

to GOD be the GLORY ~ My Cup Runneth Over ~ By Deborah Ann My cup it runneth over,with tender mercy it flows . . .my cup can never be emptiedfor in my heart Jesus grows. My cup is full of a lasting joy,with a love never to cease . . .my cup will never drain outfor in my heart… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: The Hope I Found

to GOD be the GLORY ~ The Hope I Found ~ By Deborah Ann When my spirit is spent,and my heart is discontentit’s when the hope I foundturns everything around. It renews and refreshes,my soul it replenisheseach day new mercies flowtill no longer unrest grows. When my days are dreary,and my life is oh so wearyit’s when the hope I… (more…)

Today’s Poem: My Soul’s Destiny

to GOD be the GLORY ~ My Soul’s Destiny ~ By Deborah Ann I’ve entered the race,I’m going for the goldto win it I’ll need . . .to be brave and bold. If I’m to finish well,I’ll need to work outmy faith in Jesusand shed any doubt. I don’t want to run,out of energy or steamlest the crown of lifeI… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Letting God Do

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Letting God Do ~ By Deborah Ann Sometimes letting go,isn’t so easy to do . . .especially when worryhas a tight hold on you. But God wants from us,every troubling little thingall that we can’t handleso His power He can bring. Sometimes letting go,to us, doesn’t seem bestbut if we’re to hang onwe’ll never find any… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Abundant Grace

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Abundant Grace ~ By Deborah Ann My faith has taken me,to joyous places up highas well as low valley’sbarren, arid and dry. It’s taken me through,times good and badmy faith’s kept me joyfuleven when I was sad. My faith has been strong.though I’ve been weakit has made me humbleeffectual and meek. It’s seen me through,all kinds… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Abiding In Jesus

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Abiding In Jesus ~ By Deborah Ann When I abide in Christ,I’ve unbelievable peaceon Him, all my burdensare so easy to release. When I remain in Him,I’ve strength for the dayI know I can conquerwhatever comes my way. When I rest in Jesus,His power so inspires . . .me to do all I knowthe… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: When You’re Fired Tested

to GOD be the GLORY ~ When You’re Fired Tested ~ By Deborah Ann When your faith is tested,when it’s being triedyou must not forget . . .how and why Jesus died. For His faith was also,put through the test . . .and in His Father’s loveHe always found rest. When you face suffering,common to all of usyou must not forget… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Facing Tomorrow

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Facing Tomorrow ~ By Deborah Ann Today all is still and calm,tomorrow may not befor I can never know . . .what’s in store for me. It could be serene,all might be tranquilbut, there’s no guaranteetomorrow will be peaceful. There is no crystal ball,to predict the near futureno certainty tomorrowwill go any smoother. So when tomorrow… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: New Life

to GOD be the GLORY ~ New Life ~ By Deborah Ann I rely on my faith,each day to be strongI trust it even when . . .things are going wrong. I rely on prayer,every day to get byI believe my needsGod will daily supply. I rely on God’s graceeach day, I need moreI know I can count on itto… (more…)

Today’s Poem: I’m Waiting For You Lord

to GOD be the GLORY ~ I’m Waiting For You Lord ~ By Deborah Ann I am waiting for You Lord,because You told me toand I am anticipatingwhat it is that You will  do. I am being strong Lord,for I have put my trustin You because I knowYou’re always fair and just. I am waiting for You Lord,just like You said I shouldand… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Deep Waters

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Deep Waters ~ By Deborah Ann No matter how deepthe waters getI know that me . . .God won’t forget. If they be shallow,or be they knee-highGod will not leave mealone to get by. No matter how deep,my troubles may goI know the way outGod promises to show. If there be darkness,or if there… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: The Source of My Confidence

to GOD be the GLORY   ~ The Source of My Confidence ~ By Deborah Ann The Lord is the source,of my confidenceHis grace gives meneeded temperance. He holds the answer,to all of my fearsHis mercy tells meHe sees all my tears. The Lord is my reason,to keep on livingunto Him my trustI will keep on giving. He is the… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: This Too Shall End

to GOD be the GLORY ~ This Too Shall End ~ By Deborah Ann This too I know,will soon be goneso to my faithI will hold on. I will stay strong,I won’t be weakfor God’s graceI’ll hourly seek. His grace helps me,to stick things outfor it calms my fearsdispels my doubt. It buoys my trust,dispels my nervesit shows me worryingdoes… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Needing a Boost

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Needing a Boost ~ By Deborah Ann Needing a boost,a real lifter-uppersomething to giveyour nerves a buffer? Then go to the Word,look up God’s peaceand soon you’ll feela calming release. Needing a hand,an arm to hold onsomething to grasptill your fears are gone? Then go the Word,look up God’s graceand soon you’ll feeljoy light up… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Trust God

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Trust God ~ By Deborah Ann   Trust God,when you hurtlet His graceyour pain divert. Trust God,when you’re weakwith all your heartHis mercy seek. Trust God,when you’re tireduntil His peaceis acquired. Trust God,when you’re anxiouslet your mindbe His canvass. Trust God when,you don’t want toand His love . . .will make things new!  … (more…)

Today’s Poem: Faith Walking

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Faith Walking ~ By Deborah Ann Today, I’m taking a journey,don’t know where it’ll leadbut, I know God will supplythe directions that I’ll need. He will give me courage,to get down the roadand if I get too wearyHe’ll help me with the load. Today, I’m faith walking,not sure of the waybut, I know God… (more…)

Today’s Poem: God’s Gift of Hope

to GOD be the GLORY ~ God’s Gift Of Hope ~ By Deborah Ann God’s gift of hope,is heaven sent . . .for He sees how oftenwe’re tired and spent. So He sends to us,hope each day anewso our faith in Himwe can daily renew. God’s gift of hope,is ours to hold ontothe closer to Jesus . . .we press into.… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Sustaining Faith

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Sustaining Faith ~ By Deborah Ann My faith has sustained me,through life’s’ ups and downsit has been with me . . .through laughter and frowns. My faith has carried me,through tragedy and griefit has provided me . . .with strength and relief. My faith has helped me,though periods of droughtit has saved me .… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Faith Is Active

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Faith Is Active ~ By Deborah Ann Faith isn’t passive,it’s active and movingit’s something each daywe must be using. Faith isn’t shy,it’s bold and fearlesswith it we mustn’t bereckless or careless. Faith is an act,it has no cannot’sall things are possibleis faith’s only thoughts. Faith is a movement,driving us from withinwith the Holy Spiritas our… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Mountain Climbing Faith

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Mountain Climbing Faith ~ By Deborah Ann I’m climbing this mountain,and I’m not going to stopmy confidence in God . . .will get me to the top. I’ll tackle every obstacle,I will confront every fearmy absolute trust in Godwill be my safety gear. I’ll  get over my doubt,I’ll get by the obstructionsmy faith in God’s… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Faith and Hope

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Faith and Hope ~ By Deborah Ann Hope consists of,many, many thingswe need to have faithin the future it brings. Hope is continuous,it doesn’t faint or fadehope is fearless and boldit never is afraid. Hope is confident,it exudes with powerhope is our assuranceright to the last hour. Hope is God’s mercy,His grace and favorhope is… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Through the Eyes Of God’s Grace

to GOD be the GLORY August 30, 2016 ~ Through the Eyes Of God’s Grace ~ By Deborah Ann I got me this thing,but, at it I don’t lookinstead my eyes are onwhat’s in the Good Book. This thing is pretty heavy,but, it doesn’t weigh me downbecause I am focusingon my everlasting crown. One thing I know for sure,what I have… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: What is Hope

to GOD be the GLORY ~ What is Hope ~ By Deborah Ann Hope is for today,it’s for tomorrow toohope is knowing Godalways pulls through. Hope is eternal,it is everlastinghope is the confidencekeeping us believing. Hope is joyous,it is happinesshope fills our heartswith infinite gladness. Hope is peaceful,calming and tranquilhope is having faithto trust and be still. Hope is for today,it… (more…)

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