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Today’s Poem: When All Hope is Gone 

to GOD be the GLORY ~ When All Hope is Gone ~ By Deborah Ann When all hope,has gone out of youwhen the sea aheadturns a raging blue. Hold on to Jesus,let Him be your lightand the waves of depressionHe will help you fight. When all desire,has gone out of youwhen the storm you’re inobscures your eternal view. Hold on to… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Tumbleweed Faith

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Tumbleweed Faith ~ By Deborah Ann Tumbleweed faith . . .gets blown all aroundone day it’s lifted upthe next upside down. It’s root is shallow,it’s weak and unstablefaith like a tumbleweedspins like a turntable. Tumbleweed faith . . .flips with the windunder false doctrineit becomes pinned. Storms of adversity,are too much for itfaith like… (more…)

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