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#throwbackpoem: If Our Right Eye Offends

to GOD be the GLORY ~ If Our Right Eye Offends ~ By Deborah Ann If our right eye offends,then why do we keep lookingif it’s not to desire things of the worldthen why are they still so alluring? If our right eye offends,then why do we look with the left oneif it’s not to regard the lusts of the worldthen… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Old Things Gone

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Old Things Gone ~ By Deborah Ann Old things gone,no more desirefor worldly wealthto acquire. No more need,to seek greed outsatisfied nowto do without. Old things dead,no more pleasureworldly practicesno longer treasure. No more wants,indulgences filledto old thoughtsno longer thrilled. Old things gone,all things newself removed . . .Christ now in you! ~~~~~~~~~ 2 Corinthians… (more…)

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