My Gift of Trust ~

Lord, I don’t have gold or frankincense,
 and it seems, I am all out of myrrh
 but I have a gift just as wonderful
 and I know You’ll agree and concur.
For what I have to offer You,
 is more precious to You then these
 so, I come to You with my treasure
 and offer it to You on bended knees.
Lord, I am giving You my entire life,
 and all my worldly possessions
 I am going to make You the Lord
 over all of my material obsessions.
I am giving You my eternal hope,
 with joyfulness and thankful praise
 I am giving You my soul’s devotion
 for the rest of my living days.
Lord, I am giving You the gift of trust,
 no matter what may come my way
 and I’m going to worship and adore You
 as if each moment ~ was Christmas Day!
Matthew 2:11
 King James Version
“And when they were come into the house,
  they saw the young child with Mary his
  mother, and fell down, and worshipped him:
  and when they had opened their treasures,
  they presented unto him gifts; gold, and
  frankincense and myrrh.”
Copyright 2012
 Deborah Ann Belka

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