Be A Doer ~

Be a doer of the Word,
 read your Bible and then act
 don’t just be a Gospel hearer
 you must give something back.

You can lend a helping hand,
 or give someone else your ear
 let everyone know you will be
 a friend who is always near.

Pray for those who ask you to,
 and more so, for those who don’t
 pray for their salvation
 because you know they won’t.

Look for the good in others,
 most people see their weakness
 let them know Jesus loves them
 and sees their uniqueness.

There’s so much that you can do,
 to help other people out
 all you have to do is ask them
 what their worries are all about.

If you don’t have the answers,
 I know just where to look
 for the Truth, the Way, and the Light
 are written in the Good Book!


Matthew 5:16

King James Version

“Let your light so shine
 before men, that they may see
 your good works,and glorify your
 Father which is in heaven.”

Copyright 2013
 Deborah Ann Belka

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