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Hidden in My Heart used with permission Doorpost Verses

The Bible is the breath of God,
 profitable for teaching
 it’s a reproof and a correction
 to use for righteous training.

It’s the Living Word of God,
 it makes us competent and able
 it equips us for good works
 keeping our lives in Him stable.

It is a lamp to our feet,
 a light unto our path
 when we choose to follow it
 it will keep us from God’s wrath.

It’s to be used for mediation,
 all our living nights and days
 it is the Bread of Life
 that shows us our evil ways.

It instructs us on endurance,
 encourages us in the faithful race
 it persuades us to continue
 to seek and find God’s face.

It is living and it active,
 it’s as sharp as a two edge sword
 it pierces through the heart
 so our souls can be restored.

It’s a wonder to the open eye,
 out of the law comes salvation
 it’s the pure spiritual milk
 spilling forth God’s revelation.

It’s to be stored in our hearts,
 it will keep us from sin
 it’s to be used in our daily battles
 so over the enemy we will win.

It will guard our hearts and minds,
 it will keep us in perfect peace
 and we should always keep  . . .
 our Bible’s within close reach.

But, for some it sits on their shelf,
 others shove it in a drawer
 and most just don’t make the time
 to read the Bible anymore!


Psalm 119:11
  King James Version

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
  that I might not sin against thee.”

Copyright 2013
 Deborah Ann Belka

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