#throwbackpoem: Hold On Tight

to GOD be the GLORY

~ Hold On Tight ~


Hold on tight,
hang onto that rope . . .
trust and believe
there is always hope.

For when you get to the end,
there’s only one place to go
so just pour out your heart
let your troubles God know.

Hold on tight,
don’t loose your grip . . .
trust and believe
and into God’s arm slip.

For Jesus is waiting,
to carry your cares
when you give them over
to Him in your prayers.

So when you are ready,
to let go and let Him . . .
grab onto Jesus’ hand
your hope is therein!


Hebrews 3:6

“But Christ as a son over
his own house; whose house
are we, if we hold fast the
confidence and the rejoicing
of the hope firm unto the end.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2014
Deborah Ann Belka

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