Today’s Poem: It Is You Lord

to GOD be the GLORY

~ It Is You Lord ~

By Deborah Ann

Lord, it is You who keeps,
my lamp burning . . .
it is for Your guidance
my heart stays yearning.

It is You who gives,
me hope and trust
it is in Your Word
my soul stays trussed.

Lord, it is You who keeps,
my faith steady
it is for Your return
my mind stays ready.

It is Your eternal love,
I keep my eyes on
it is Your Way and Life
to which I am drawn.

Lord, It is You who keeps,
my life full of Light
it is for You I will win
the good and faithful fight!


Matthew 6:22

The light of the body is the eye:
if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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