Today’s Poem: The Halves and Half Nots

to GOD be the GLORY

~The Halves and Half Nots ~

By Deborah Ann

Some people’s glass,
always seems filled
while others only see . . .
what from it spilled.

Some people are happy,
with what from God they get
others over their portion . . .
grumble, bemoan and fret.

Some people’s glass,
is always brimming
while others only view . . .
how much is missing.

Some people are all right,
with their God given share
while others only think . . .
what is or is not fair.

Some people’s glass,
is always adequate
while others only watch . . .
how fast theirs dissipates.

But, we who trust in God,
don’t care how full the glass
for it is in heaven where . . .
our treasures we amass!


Hebrews 13:5

Let your conversation
be without covetousness;
and be content with such
things as ye have: for he
hath said, I will never leave
thee, nor forsake thee.

Matthew 6:20

But lay up for yourselves
treasures in heaven, where
neither moth nor rust doth
corrupt, and where thieves
do not break through nor steal:

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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