Our Joy ~

do-not-fear used with permission IBible Verses
This Christmas . . .
I wish you a merry day
with family and close friends
whether near or far away.
I wish you real happiness,
a day filled with sheer delight
a time to snuggle closely
by the warming fire light.
I wish you contentment,
a heart full of gladness
a soul filled with glee
 overflowing with cheerfulness.
I wish you true peace,
a home filled with tranquility
surrounded in love and harmony
with a sense of God’s serenity.
But most of all I wish you joy,
not just today, but all year through
so the light of your salvation
will always reflect inside of you!
Psalm 35:9
 King James Version
“And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord:
 it shall rejoice in his salvation”
Copyright 2013
Deborah Ann Belka

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