CHRISTmas Isn’t About ~

What CHRISTmas Isn't ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann
Christmas isn’t about,
red cups without Christmas trees
nor is it concerning . . .
a saying printed on some tees.
It isn’t about black Friday,
low prices and shipping wars
nor is it regarding . . .
keeping out of certain stores.
It isn’t about the greeting,
one uses to say hello
nor is it in relation to . . .
what wishes they bestow.
What Christmas is about,
is really pretty simple
for it isn’t about pricing . . .
a saying or some symbol.
Christmas is about,
God’s Gift of Love and Grace
and its up to everyone to decide
if Jesus, they will embrace!
Romans 6.23
“For the wages of sin is death;
 but the gift of God is eternal
 life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
King James Version
by Public Domain
Copyright 2015
Deborah Ann Belka

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