The Lyrics of My Heart ~

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With what words shall I compose,
  the lyrics of my heart?
  I hear them in my mind,
  yet, I'm not sure where to start.
Shall I arrange them in perfect order,
  from the time when we first met?
  Or open with the refrain of the day,
  You took upon Yourself my debt?
Shall I begin with my appreciation,
  with the gratitude I have for You?
  Or, perhaps I should open with my love,
  ah, yes that is what I ought to do.
For to capture from within my soul,
  the melody of my full expression.
  I would have to come up with the tune,
  of how Your love left its true impression.
Oh, to know what I now understand,
  and to see how my love has grown.
  You would have to one day meet,
  this Man I have loved and known.
For He loved the world so,
  and gave to all His only Son.
  And that is the greatest love song,
  this heart can sing to anyone.
Psalm 108:1
"O God, my heart is fixed;
 I will sing and give praise,
 even with my glory."
King James Version
 by Public Domain
By Deborah Ann Belka
 Copyright 2010 ©

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