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Why You Should Close Your Facebook Account!

There are many reasons to close your Facebook account here is a link to a video as to why Thank You For Visiting 2,492

Heaven Bound ~

Loved completely, that’s what we are no matter how near no matter how far. Comforted forever, that’s what we hold no matter young no matter how old. Blessed assurance, that’s what we own no matter how new no matter how grown. Forgiven eternally, that’s what we hope in no matter our works, no matter our sin. Heaven bound, that’s where… (more…)

Give Me Faith ~

Give me faith unwavering, so I may stand steadfast give me strength astounding so rough seas I may outlast. Give me faith unshakable, so I may walk faithfully give me hope unfaltering so I may tread gracefully. Give me faith undoubting, so I may be committed give me power unflinching so my sins may be acquitted. Give me faith unending,… (more…)

The World’s Greatest Love Letter ~

For God so loves the world, that He gave to all His only Son who came to mend and heal the heart and soul of everyone. It doesn’t matter your race, or the color of your skin Jesus just wants to forgive you if you’d confess to Him your sin. You may be rich and happy, you may be poor… (more…)

Putting On the New Man ~

You offered to me this new man, and asked me to put him on . . . You challenged me to grow in Him to be willing to be Spirit drawn. You told me my life was useless, and my heart was as dry as dust that my mind was full of darkness overflowing with the sin of lust. You… (more…)

Let Jesus Come In ~

A heart full of wounds, that no longer can feel needs the touch of Jesus who knows how to heal. A life that’s been shattered, that leaves them nowhere needs the hand of the Lord to lead them somewhere. A body that is broken, beaten up, and is bare needs the love of Jesus who will always care. A sinner,… (more…)

~ The Mystery of God’s Love ~

By Deborah Ann Lord, I cannot illustrate, the mystery of Your love for it rises higher than the moon hanging onto the skies above. I cannot measure it, not the distance or the length I cannot grasp it not its power or its strength. I cannot calculate it, not the width or the depth I cannot fathom it without holding… (more…)