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Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.21.24

“I know that my Redeemer liveth.”~ Job 19:25 ~ The marrow of Job’s comfort lies in that little word “My”—”My Redeemer,” and in the fact that the Redeemer lives. Oh! to get hold of a living Christ. We must get a property in Him before we can enjoy Him. What is gold in the mine to me? Men are beggars… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.20.24

“That through death He might destroy him that had the power of death.”~ Hebrews 2:14 ~ O child of God, death hath lost its sting, because the devil’s power over it is destroyed. Then cease to fear dying. Ask grace from God the Holy Ghost, that by an intimate knowledge and a firm belief of thy Redeemer’s death, thou mayst… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.19.24

“Behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.”~ Matthew 27:51 ~ No mean miracle was wrought in the rending of so strong and thick a veil; but it was not intended merely as a display of power many lessons were herein taught us. The old law of ordinances was put away, and… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.18.24

“She bound the scarlet line in the window.”~ Joshua 2:21 ~ Rahab depended for her preservation upon the promise of the spies, whom she looked upon as the representatives of the God of Israel. Her faith was simple and firm, but it was very obedient. To tie the scarlet line in the window was a very trivial act in itself,… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.17.24

“We are come to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.”~ Hebrews 12:24 ~ Reader, have you come to the blood of sprinkling? The question is not whether you have come to a knowledge of doctrine, or an observance of ceremonies, or to a certain form of experience, but have you come to the blood… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.16.24

“The precious blood of Christ.”~ 1 Peter 1:19 ~ Standing at the foot of the cross, we see hands, and feet, and side, all distilling crimson streams of precious blood. It is “precious” because of its redeeming and atoning efficacy. By it the sins of Christ’s people are atoned for; they are redeemed from under the law; they are reconciled… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.15.24

“My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”~ Psalm 22:1 ~ We here behold the Saviour in the depth of His sorrows. No other place so well shows the griefs of Christ as Calvary, and no other moment at Calvary is so full of agony as that in which His cry rends the air “My God, my God, why… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.14.24

“All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head.”~ Psalm 22:7 ~ Mockery was a great ingredient in our Lord’s woe. Judas mocked Him in the garden; the chief priests and scribes laughed Him to scorn; Herod set Him at nought; the servants and the soldiers jeered at Him, and brutally… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.13.24

“A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me.”~ Song of Solomon 1:13 ~ Myrrh may well be chosen as the type of Jesus on account of its preciousness, its perfume, its pleasantness, its healing, preserving, disinfecting qualities, and its connection with sacrifice. But why is He compared to “a bundle of myrrh”? First, for plenty. He is not a… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.12.24

“My heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels.”~Psalm 22:14 ~ Our blessed Lord experienced a terrible sinking and melting of soul. “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity, but a wounded spirit who can bear?” Deep depression of spirit is the most grievous of all trials; all besides is as nothing. Well… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.11.24

“I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.”~ Psalm 22:14 ~ Did earth or heaven ever behold a sadder spectacle of woe! In soul and body, our Lord felt Himself to be weak as water poured upon the ground. The placing of the cross in its socket had shaken Him with great violence, had… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.10.24

“The place which is called Calvary.”~ Luke 23:33 ~ The hill of comfort is the hill of Calvary; the house of consolation is built with the wood of the cross; the temple of heavenly blessing is founded upon the riven rock riven by the spear which pierced His side. No scene in sacred history ever gladdens the soul like Calvary’s… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.09.24

“And there followed Him a great company of people, and of women, which also bewailed and lamented Him.”~ Luke 23:27 ~ Amid the rabble rout which hounded the Redeemer to His doom, there were some gracious souls whose bitter anguish sought vent in wailing and lamentations fit music to accompany that march of woe. When my soul can, in imagination,… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.08.24

“If they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?”~ Luke 23:31 ~ Among other interpretations of this suggestive question, the following is full of teaching: “If the innocent substitute for sinners, suffer thus, what will be done when the sinner himself the dry tree shall fall into the hands of an angry God?”… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.07.24

“O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame?” ~ Psalm 4:2 ~ An instructive writer has made a mournful list of the honours which the blinded people of Israel awarded to their long-expected King. (1.) They gave Him a procession of honour, in which Roman legionaries, Jewish priests, men and women, took a part,… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.06.24

“Let us go forth therefore unto Him without the camp.” ~ Hebrews 13:13 ~ Jesus, bearing His cross, went forth to suffer without the gate. The Christian’s reason for leaving the camp of the world’s sin and religion is not because he loves to be singular, but because Jesus did so; and the disciple must follow his Master. Christ was… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.05.24

“On Him they laid the cross, that He might bear it after Jesus.”~ Luke 23:26 ~ WE see in Simon’s carrying the cross a picture of the work of the Church throughout all generations; she is the cross-bearer after Jesus. Mark then, Christian, Jesus does not suffer so as to exclude your suffering. He bears a cross, not that you… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.04.24

“For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”~ 2 Corinthians 5:21 ~ Mourning Christian! why weepest thou? Art thou mourning over thine own corruptions? Look to thy perfect Lord, and remember, thou art complete in Him; thou art in God’s sight as perfect… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.03.24

“They took Jesus, and led Him away.”~ John 19:16 ~ He had been all night in agony, He had spent the early morning at the hall of Caiaphas, He had been hurried from Caiaphas to Pilate, from Pilate to Herod, and from Herod back again to Pilate; He had, therefore, but little strength left, and yet neither refreshment nor rest… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.02.24

“He answered him to never a word.”~ Matthew 27:14 ~ He had never been slow of speech when He could bless the sons of men, but He would not say a single word for Himself. “Never man spake like this Man,” and never man was silent like Him. Was this singular silence the index of His perfect self-sacrifice? Did it… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 04.01.24

“Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth.” ~ Song of Solomon 1:2 ~ For several days we have been dwelling upon the Saviour’s passion, and for some little time to come we shall linger there. In beginning a new month, let us seek the same desires after our Lord as those which glowed in the heart of… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.31.24

“With His stripes we are healed.”~ Isaiah 53:5 ~ Pilate delivered our Lord to the lictors to be scourged. The Roman scourge was a most dreadful instrument of torture. It was made of the sinews of oxen, and sharp bones were inter-twisted every here and there among the sinews; so that every time the lash came down these pieces of… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.30.24

“He was numbered with the transgressors.”~ Isaiah 53:12 ~ Why did Jesus suffer Himself to be enrolled amongst sinners? This wonderful condescension was justified by many powerful reasons. In such a character He could the better become their advocate. In some trials there is an identification of the counsellor with the client, nor can they be looked upon in the… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.29.24

Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.~ Hebrews 5:8 ~ We are told that the Captain of our salvation was made perfect through suffering, therefore we who are sinful, and who are far from being perfect, must not wonder if we are called to pass through suffering too. Shall the head be… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.28.24

“The love of Christ which passeth knowledge.”~Ephesians 3:19 ~ The love of Christ in its sweetness, its fulness, its greatness, its faithfulness, passeth all human comprehension. Where shall language be found which shall describe His matchless, His unparalleled love towards the children of men? It is so vast and boundless that, as the swallow but skimmeth the water, and diveth… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.27.24

“Then all the disciples forsook Him and fled.~ Matthew 26:56 ~ He never deserted them, but they in cowardly fear of their lives, fled from Him in the very beginning of His sufferings. This is but one instructive instance of the frailty of all believers if left to themselves; they are but sheep at the best, and they flee when… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.26.24

“Jesus said unto them, If ye seek Me, let these go their way.” ~ John 18:8 ~ Mark, my soul, the care which Jesus manifested even in His hour of trial, towards the sheep of His hand! The ruling passion is strong in death. He resigns Himself to the enemy, but He interposes a word of power to set His… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.25.24

“Betrayest thou the Son of Man with a kiss?”~ Luke 22:48 ~ The kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” Let me be on my guard when the world puts on a loving face, for it will, if possible, betray me as it did my Master, with a kiss. Whenever a man is about to stab religion, he usually professes very… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.24.24

He was heard in that he feared.”~ Hebrews 5:7 ~ Did this fear arise from the infernal suggestion that He was utterly forsaken. There may be sterner trials than this, but surely it is one of the worst to be utterly forsaken? “See,” said Satan, “thou hast a friend nowhere! Thy Father hath shut up the bowels of His compassion… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.23.24

“His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.”~ Luke 22:44 ~ The mental pressure arising from our Lord’s struggle with temptation, so forced his frame to an unnatural excitement, that his pores sent forth great drops of blood which fell down to the ground. This proves how tremendous must have been the weight… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.22.24

“He went a little farther, and fell on His face, and prayed.”~ Matthew 26:39 ~ There are several instructive features in our Saviour’s prayer in His hour of trial. It was lonely prayer. He withdrew even from His three favoured disciples. Believer, be much in solitary prayer, especially in times of trial. Family prayer, social prayer, prayer in the Church,… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.21.24

“Ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone.”~ John 16:32 ~ Few had fellowship with the sorrows of Gethsemane. The majority of the disciples were not sufficiently advanced in grace to be admitted to behold the mysteries of “the agony.” Occupied with the passover feast at their own houses, they represent the many who… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.20.24

“My beloved.”~ Song of Solomon 2:8 ~ This was a golden name which the ancient Church in her most joyous moments was wont to give to the Anointed of the Lord. When the time of the singing of birds was come, and the voice of the turtle was heard in her land, her love-note was sweeter than either, as she… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.19.24

“Strong in faith.”~ Romans 4:20 ~ Christian, take good care of thy faith; for recollect faith is the only way whereby thou canst obtain blessings. If we want blessings from God, nothing can fetch them down but faith. Prayer cannot draw down answers, from God’s throne except it be the earnest prayer of the man who believes. Faith is the… (more…)

Morning’s With Charles Spurgeon ~ 03.18.24

“Ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.”~ Galatians 3:26 ~ The fatherhood of God is common to all his children. Ah! Little-faith, you have often said, “Oh that I had the courage of Great-heart, that I could wield his sword and be as valiant as he! But, alas, I stumble at every straw, and a… (more…)

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