The World’s Greatest Love Letter ~

lovebeyond used with permission IBible Verses
For God so loves the world,
 that He gave to all His only Son
 who came to mend and heal
 the heart and soul of everyone.
It doesn't matter your race,
 or the color of your skin
 Jesus just wants to forgive you
 if you'd confess to Him your sin.
You may be rich and happy,
 you may be poor and weak
 but to Jesus we're all bankrupt
 if His truth we do not seek.
It doesn't matter your fortune,
 or your station in this life
 for He knows without His love
 we'll live with everlasting strife.
You may be blind or deaf,
 but that won't stand in His way
 for He came to teach and show
 how sin causes death and decay.
It doesn't matter your position,
 all are equal in His eyes
 but He knows without His truth
 we won't see through Satan's lies.
You may be a thief or a murderer,
 an idolaters or an oppressor
 but that won't stop His promise
 to set free every transgressor.
It doesn't matter your offense,
 to Him ~ all sin is the same
 what matters most to Jesus
 is that we believe in His name.
For God so loves the world,
 that He gave to all His only Son
 who came to forgive and breathe
 new life into each and everyone!
John 3:16
King James Version 
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his
  only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth
  in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
Copyright 2012
  Deborah Ann Belka

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