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#throwbackpoem: When I am Strong

to GOD be the GLORY ~ When I am Strong ~ By Deborah Ann Lord, when I’m strong,my faith is weakand Your willI do not seek. For, on my own,I think I can do itand I make no timeto wait and sit. I believe I know,what I’m to doso I rush off Lordwithout You. But, when I am weak,my faith is… (more…)

The Thunderbolt of Fear ~

The thunderbolt of fear, frightens and horrifies until panic sets in and the soul it terrifies. It moves ever quickly, through our worried minds then it settles in when our weakness it finds. Fears jolting boom, is felt deep in the heart then the resounding dread in our soul beings to start. It freezes and it seizes, our feet to… (more…)

Change Me Lord ~

Change me Lord . . . I know that I should be a different kind of person than the one that I call me. Change me Lord . . . there’s so much You can do take this old life of mine and make me someone new. Change me Lord . . . from the inside out to trust in… (more…)

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