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#throwbackpoem: Humility

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Humility ~ By Deborah Ann If you want humility,you will need to finda way to unveil haughtinessin your heart and mind. For, when you reveal,the smugness deep withinhumility will start . . .to trickle right on in. If you want humility,you will need to seejust how self-absorbedyou can truly be. For, when you uncover,your… (more…)

A Humble Heart ~

~A Humble Heart ~ Jesus, give me a humble heart,teach me to have a meek attitudetake from me my selfish pridefill my soul with eternal gratitude. Disrobe me of my self-importance,strip my conceit and arroganceremove the smugness on my facerip away any self-imposed relevance. Cloth me in Your righteousness,wrap me in Your truth and lovecover me with the Holy Spiritbind… (more…)

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