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#throwbackpoem: Soften My Heart Lord

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Soften My Heart Lord ~ By Deborah Ann Soften my heart Lord,make it pliableso my faithcan be believable. Unbind my heart Lord,make it bendableso my hopecan be teachable. Loosen my heart Lord,make it workableso my fruitcan be multiple Sweeten my heart Lord,make it lovableso my trustcan be yieldable. Soften my heart Lord,make it faithfulso for… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Sowing Good Seeds

to GOD be the GLORY Sowing Good Seeds ~ By Deborah Ann Lord, help me to sow,good seeds everydayseeds of faith and trustas I travel life’s pathway. Help me to walk upright,on the narrow roadkeep me from followingafter that which will corrode. Lord, help me to sow,seeds of love and graceso the things of this worldmy heart won’t embrace. Help me… (more…)

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