Today’s Poem: Little Baby Jesus

~ Little Baby Jesus ~

By Deborah Ann

to GOD be the GLORY

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Little baby Jesus,
so soft and so sweet
one day would have nails
pounded into His feet.

Tightly swaddled now,
in His mother’s loving arms
one day He would wear
a crown of prickly thorns.

Small cooing sounds,
He now softly sighs
one day to His Father
He’ll moan forsaken cries.

Wise Men bring to Him,
gifts meant for a King
one day to a cross
His life will painfully cling.

Little baby Jesus,
so soft and so sweet
came into the world
so Satan He could defeat!


Luke 2:11

“For unto you
is born this day in the city of

David a Saviour,
which is Christ the Lord”

Luke 23:21

” But they cried,
saying, Crucify him,
crucify him.”

King James Bible
Public Domain

Copyright 2012
Deborah Ann Belka

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