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#throwbackpoem: Remember Me Lord

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Remember Me Lord ~ By Deborah Ann Remember me oh God,for all the good I’ve donefor all the things I say . . .about the love of Your Son. Remember my good works,the seeds I have sownthe hope I have broughtas faith in You was grown. Remember my acts and deeds,done out of hope and… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: It’s Easy To Say

to GOD be the GLORY ~ It’s Easy To Say ~ By Deborah Ann It’s easy for people to say,give Jesus your every careit’s easy for them to relayI’ll say for you a daily prayer. But, when they leave,they sometimes forgetto pass on to Godwhat has you so upset. It’s easy for people to say,I will pray for you . .… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Intercessory Prayers

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Intercessory Prayers ~ By Deborah Ann Intercessory prayers,where’d we be without themfor there’s healing and hopein each beseeching gem. Petitioning God,holding others up in prayerpraying with thanksgivingGod to take away the despair. Pleading hearts,asking for God’s speedto come to His saints aidto help with their need. Imploring souls,requisitions for sicknessentreating Jesus to healby His stripes their illness. Begging minds,requesting mercy’s… (more…)

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