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#throwbackpoem: To Be An Overcomer

to GOD be the GLORY ~ To Be An Overcomer ~ By Deborah Ann To be an overcomer,we must see sin is the problemour faith and trust in Jesusmust remain firm and solemn. To be an overcomer,we must confront the obstructionsthat leads to the wide roadof everlasting destruction. To be an overcomer,we must tackle the world head onwe constantly must beto… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Be Uncompromising

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Be Uncompromising ~ By Deborah Ann Be unshakeable,in the power of His mightbe unbendableto stand fast and fight. Be unyielding,to the wiles of the devilbe uncompromisingto all things evil. Be unfailing,in the Word be groundedbe unwaveringso not to be confounded. Be unflinching,to your transformationbe unrelentingin your moderation. Be unremitting,to what you know is truebe… (more…)

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