Our Plate of Goodness ~

give-thanks-unto-the-lord_500 used with permission IBible Verses
I love this time of year,
with Thanksgiving just ahead
it reminds me of some facts
in the Bible I have read . . .
In everything, be grateful,
let joy and praise flow out of you
in all things, be thankful
give God, the glory He is due.
Make peacefulness your habitation,
let your gentleness be made known
be kind, tender-hearted and forgiving
never be the first ~ to cast a stone.
Extend a hand to the poor and needy,
let hospitality be your perfect gift
help all those who have not
bring back to God, those who are adrift.
Show others your appreciation,
let them see your heartfelt gratitude
bless them for their helpfulness
be not selfish in your works or attitude.
Reach out to the sick and hurting,
let them see Jesus’ true compassion
show all an act of grace and mercy
let not the sun go down on your passion.
Be content with all that you have,
rejoice and abound in whatever is your state
be satisfied with all of the goodness
God has placed on your Thanksgiving plate.
In everything, be thankful,
let your praise be heard by all
in everything, be grateful
let your joy be seen by one and all!
Ephesians 5:20
 King James Version
“Giving thanks always
 for all things unto
 God and the Father
 in the name of our
 Lord Jesus Christ;”
Copyright 2013
Deborah Ann Belka

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