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Today’s Poem: God, My Courage

to GOD be the GLORY ~ God, My Courage ~ By Deborah Ann God, my Courage,my Bravery, my GritYour love compels menot to give up or quit. You give me fortitude,to fight the good fightall my battles foughtare won in Your might. God, my Courage,my Boldness, my MettleYou turn my nervesinto hard, steely metal. Your Word is my Armor,faith is… (more…)

Today’s Poem: Don’t Be Discouraged

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Don’t Be Discouraged ~ By Deborah Ann Don’t be discouraged,though things are depressingrather into Jesus . . .keep deeper pressing. For in the midst of chaos,of upheaval and unrestJesus is the only one . . .who can bring you rest. Don’t be dragged down,by what you are seeingrather in God trust . . .with all… (more…)

#throwbackpoem: Lord, May I Too

to GOD be the GLORY ~ Lord, May I Too ~ By Deborah Ann Lord, give me a faith,just the same as Yours . . .so I may too cross the seaand meet You where You are. Give me an attitude,absent of any doubtso I may too trust Youfrom my boat to come out. Lord, give me a faith,steadfast and trueso… (more…)

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